「Daughters」津田肇監督がポーランドのFive Flavours映画祭オンラインレッドカーペッドに登壇!

ポーランドの「Five Flavours映画祭」にて『Daughters』の津田 肇監督がオンラインレッドカーペッドに登壇致しました。


今回Daughtersを映画祭に推薦いただいたプログラマーのJagoda Murczynska(ヤゴタ・ムルチンスカ)氏より、作品についての推薦コメントをいただきました。

It’s a great challenge to prepare an online edition of the Festival, but we are proud and happy that the directors are eager to share their thoughts and connect with our audience via online meetings. As we are in the middle of the Five Flavours Film Festival now, we can see already that “Daughters” is one of the films gaining a great attention from Polish audiences and one of the most popular films of the festival. Its depiction of young women living in modern city, the intimate portrait of female friendship and the precise, thoughtful choices of colors and music has won the hearts of our viewers. 

Jagoda Murczynska, Five Flavours Asian Film Festival programmer


Jagoda Murczynska